Save on those Medical Expenses in your Old Age with a Fit Lifestyle

Fitness in old age

Medical expenses are increasing day by day, with even the most affluent having trouble paying medical bills. With old age come retirement and a decreases buying power. A healthier today is a healthier tomorrow. A happier today is a happier tomorrow because there is nothing that keeps the mind and body healthy than happiness, laughter and a positive mindset!

A person doesn’t have to be a medical practitioner to tell you that each lifestyle choice we make today will have an impact on our later years. Every cent you spend on a cigarette today will turn into $10 worth of medical expenses. Sure, there are other ways to handle debt and remove medical collections (step by step guide here), but the best way is to not have those expenses to begin with.  Therefore, it is absolutely essential to make the right lifestyle choices today, starting now. The question isn’t why but rather how a healthy lifestyle can lead to a medical expense-free old age?

Lifestyle choices and how they impact our later years

1. Smoking – Passive or otherwise, smoking takes years off our age. Conscious healthy lifestyle choices have a positive impact on not only our body but also our mind. Quitting today and adapting a better lifestyle ultimately means close to zero trips to the cardiologist! As we age, our body weakens, our organs start to age, and however, it is up to us to keep them in working condition. This includes not only quitting smoking today but also actively avoiding people who do, so as to avoid becoming a passive smoker!

2. Drinking – There is nothing more important than incorporating a responsible drinking regime in your lifestyle. Treatment for liver cirrhosis costs up to $18000 for initial ages, with old age and retirement, the last thing that an aged person needs it to worry about raking medical bills.

3. Exercise and yoga – a healthier lifestyle means a healthier mind and body. Daily exercises such a walking; sprinting and stretching can have a massive impact on our body, bones and mind. Yoga keeps the mind fresh; it is the one thing that can have a positive impact on our mind. A time-out from this busy life’s hectic routine, yoga can add years to your body.

4. Social life – A healthy lifestyle is not only about eating healthy and avoiding bad habits. It is also about maintaining a healthy social life which keeps the mind fresh and young. Going out, laughing, relaxing and having a good time gives your body a time-out. It is much needed in this stressful life, so as to stay happy and healthy.

5. Diet – one of the mist common ways to stay healthy to live a carefree and medical expense free life is your diet. What you eat, how much of it you eat, has an impact on your body now and in your later years. Adequate consumption of calcium rich foods, proteins and healthy fats; all contribute to maintain healthy and functioning organs.

6. Everyday choices – our conscious decision to set a bed time, allocate telly time and other everyday decisions can impact our life greatly. To maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to avoid stressing over medical bills at 65, it is essential to get a minimum amount of sleep, sleep on time, avoid unnecessary exposure to sunlight etc.

Lifestyles choices we make today have an impact on our health in old age. Healthy and young, most people don’t actively think about their choices in the long run. Mentioned above are all the easy in which healthy lifestyle choices can lead to a better and healthier old age.